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"Taffi" Effortless Chic HYDRATING LIPGLOSS

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Chic and magical! This all-around girl works effortlessly on all complexions and compliments all lip shapes.  On a very fair skin tone it’s a classic shade of wine, on medium skin tones it’s a pop of color to your natural lip tone, and on dark skin tones (even the darkest complexion on the planet) it mysteriously turns into a neutral nude.  Seeing is believing!Free of parabens, sulfates,  synthetic fragrance & phthalates

Have you ever done something that came effortlessly? Well, we make it easy for you on a daily basis. This simple yet unique hydrating lipgloss will have you up and running and no time, no drama, no fuss just simple effortless. Are you an effortless chic? Start today :)

The non-sticky formula has a non-irritant mild lip plumper that stimulates the blood flow of the lips. It’s packed with clean, natural nourishing ingredients and is loaded with vitamin E.   Your lips will feel pampered all day and look youthful and healthy, long after the product has worn off. 



Long-lasting hydration
Results that enhance over time
Embraces skin tones from all ethnicities


A cooling sensation upon application
Promises magnetic beauty that will captivate and replenish
Will leave your lips wanting more
Leaves lips healthy and youthful