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About Us


My love for beauty began as a child when I would help my mother get ready for a girls night out with her friends. I loved how she would so effortlessly bloom into both such elegance and chicness! And I also loved that the end result changed her demeanor and made her feel HAPPY, ENERGIZED, AND FIERCE!




The adrenaline of that experience while she lit up right before my eyes left a lifetime impression on me and inspired me to feel the same way one day plus I wanted others to experience it too.

I moved to New York City when I was 21 to explore opportunities as a makeup artist. My passion led me to my first cosmetic sales position at Chanel, many luxury cosmetic brands followed. With every move I learned techniques to improve my craft. Within a decade I had established myself as a celebrity makeup artist working with some A-list celebrities as well as numerous fashion, award and talk shows.


Achieving these milestones so quickly (especially being artistically challenged) was so rewarding, however this wasn’t fulfilling my passion anymore so I returned to retail to share my effective and easy application techniques based on physiology. Ironically I fell into wanting to learn more about the ingredients in most products because most irritated my skin, plus it was impossible to find diverse shades for my clients and my unique skin tone.


The concept to create a staple piece brand with practical, user-friendly clean products came from me wanting better not just for myself but also for my clients who trusted in me.  

In 2008 and a veteran of the prestige beauty world, I launched my own brand of natural ingredients and multifunctional products. I was determined to change the industry's cycle of not being all inclusive to all women’s skin tones plus I wanted to minimize but optimize what you put on your skin while creating easy to use products that didn’t require the artistic hand.

Breaking boundaries with a small assortment of shades that worked across all skin tones while nourishing and pampering your skin, I created clean products that have a chameleon like ability to adapt to any skin tone.

After a decade, integrity and education remain the fueling forces behind my brand, and the goal of “bringing order to the complexity of beauty” remains a constant.

Teaching and creating practical, diverse, and smart cosmetics is my passion. LuMESH accentuates the beauty of individuality…not cover it up!


I am very proud to say LuMESH products are as unique as the audience the brand represents.


Lu Camarena Meshulam

Founder & CEO